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Headshot of Kimberly Jenkins

Kimberly M. Jenkins

Founder and Principal Researcher

Kimberly M. Jenkins is Founder and Principal Researcher of The Fashion and Race Database, and Founder and CEO of Artis Solomon Consulting. Kim has spent over ten years studying the impact of our clothes and how we express ourselves, through the lenses of politics, race, psychology and anthropology. She has lectured globally, created a learning platform on fashion and race, and hosted in-person experiences to help us think more deeply about dress. Based in New York with a background in cultural anthropology and art history, Kimberly currently holds a position as part-time lecturer at Parsons School of Design, having formerly taught at Pratt Institute and formerly held the position of Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. Kim is best known for creating the course “Fashion and Race” at Parsons, and partnering with Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger to expand their education programs on fashion and diversity.

Headshot of Laura Beltrán-Rubio

Laura Beltrán-Rubio, PhD


Senior Researcher, Managing Editor

Dr Laura Beltrán-Rubio is a curator, researcher, and educator specialized in Latin American and Indigenous textile and fashion arts. Her mission is to diversify global fashion by creating bridges between the fashion industry and academia. Outside the FRD, she is also Lecturer in Design Cultures at De Montfort University (UK).

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Headshot of Alliya Lopez

Alliya Lopez

Assistant Researcher

Alliya Lopez is a recent MA Fashion graduate from Toronto Metropolitan University. She is passionate about representation in fashion, ethical consumption, and analyzing the colourism that is perpetuated by the beauty industry through skin whitening.

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headshot of Daniela Hernandez

Daniela Hernandez

Social Media & Community Manager

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Daniela is a first generation Mexican-American. She is a nontraditional fashion scholar and consumer fascinated by the power of fashion both old and new. As a graduate of Hampshire College with a B.A. in Global Fashion Studies, Daniela is dedicated to the preservation of arts and culture through her background in nonprofit and arts administration, archiving and museum production, as well as freelance work.

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Anu Lingala Headshot

Anu Lingala

Senior Contributor, “In the News”

Anu is a trend forecaster, brand strategist, and founder of Revisionary. Anu has always been passionate about applying sociocultural and historical analysis to contemporary industry contexts. She holds a BS in Apparel Design from Cornell University and an MA in History of Design from the Royal College of Art, where her dissertation examined cultural appropriation in fashion.

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Project Alumni

photo of Adriana Hill

Adriana Hill

Research Assistant

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photo of Safia Sheikh

Safia Sheikh

Research Assistant

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headshot of Kai Marcel

Kai Toussaint Marcel

Research Assistant

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woman with brown short hair and bangs wearing a white shirt

Rachel Kinnard

Project Manager

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Headshot of Anthony Palliparambil, Jr.

Anthony Palliparambil, Jr.

Content Editor

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Headshot of Gillani Peets

Gillani Peets

Research and Editorial Intern

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