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FRD Case Study: Black Fashion Canada Database

Join us as we present a case study that shines a light on Black fashion history from Canada. ​Founder of the Black Fashion Canada DatabaseCharmaine Gooden, will lead us through a presentation on the evolution of the BFC, with special guests from Canada’s fashion industry: Celia Sears, Iris Simpson, Lana Ogilvie, and Gordon Espinet.

​“Canada’s Black communities are often forgotten and overlooked by the mainstream, but here we wish to recognize those individuals and groups who silently struggled within systemic racism. The Black Fashion Canada Database is a platform for us to tell our own truths, to amplify the presence of lesser-known members of the Black fashion and beauty industry. Most of the profiles here are professionals who preceded — in fact, paved the way for — the digital age. In a world where an internet search has become the primary method of retrieving the past, their work threatens to be lost. Their contributions deserve to be credited for the digital record.”

Thursday, February 29, 2024

11am EST (virtual)

​Over the years Prof. Gooden has built a multi-media career as an editor, writer, presenter, public relations consultant and special event manager, spokesperson, host, and educator. ​She has reported on beauty and health for over two decades, working closely with many of the world’s top fashion stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists and skincare specialists.

Black (Fashion) History Month »

The contributions of those who identify as Black or part of the African diaspora has been critical to the development and allure of the fashion industry. Oftentimes overlooked in fashion history books, lessons, fashion exhibitions and films, Black designers, models, photographers, editors and stylists have added coolness and driven innovation throughout a racially-homogenous landscape.

The multi-trillion-dollar fashion industry in fact owes a great debt to the enslaved ancestors who toiled the land to benefit those who mass-produced garments for profit. Despite navigating persistent mis-representation, discrimination and underestimation, The Fashion and Race Database is celebrating the creative triumphs and beauty that the Black community has brought to fashion history throughout the month of February.


29 Feb 2024
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  • Date: 29 Feb 2024
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