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FRD Case Study: Mive Labs: Local solutions for textile waste – Central Ohio

Join us as we present a case study that examines the work of Mive Labs and local solutions for textile waste.

Mive Labs is a resilient design consultancy whose mission is advancing the circular fashion economy in Ohio. Their 2023 Central Ohio Textile & Fashion Waste Report examined in-depth, how much textile waste is in Franklin County, how it got there, who it affects, and what happens if we do or do not act on the information at hand. Their findings, situated in a comprehensive overview of the global fashion industry, led them to make 8 “recommendations to best divert textile waste locally while creating new economic opportunities locally.” This report and their research may serve as a model for other cities to follow and use to better understand regional consumption patterns as well as how to manage textile waste anchored in circular economy tenets.

Co-Founder of Mive Labs, Maya Caine will lead us through a presentation on the research supporting their report, while connecting the dots between textile waste centers and the communities most impacted on a global scale.

Thursday, April 25, 2024

11:00am – 12:00pm EST (virtual)

Zoom Link and Passcode will provided upon registration.

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About Mive Labs

”Mive Labs is a regenerative design consultancy founded by Maya and Mica Caine, twin sisters and proud natives of Columbus, OH. Stemming from their research and product design endeavors while launching Mive, a made-to-measure slow fashion marketplace; Mive Labs emerged as a natural progression in their work. Their collective experience lies in solution engineering, enterprise strategy, product management, and they are currently collaborating on projects in circular product design and workforce development.”

Download and preview the Central Ohio Textile & Fashion Waste Report.

About Maya Caine

Maya Caine is a strategy professional specializing in circular design and waste innovation. She is the Co-Founder and Principal of Mive Labs, a circular design consultancy with the mission of advancing the circular economy in her beloved hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Her inaugural project at Mive Labs involved a 1.5-year city-wide research study on textile and fashion waste for the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio.The resulting Central Ohio Textile and Fashion Waste Report identified regional textile waste sources and the economic potential of innovative waste management. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, she is a Strategist at Nike, helping shape the long-term planning of the enterprise while also supporting and activating various circularity initiatives. Maya is an alum of Indiana University where she studied Information Systems and Anthropology.

More about our theme for April, “Sustainability”:

A human universal on this planet is the fact that we get dressed each day, and most of us rely on shopping for what we wear. Though, for the past three “modern” centuries, large-scale industrial practices have capitalized on our everyday clothing needs, at a great cost. Many people are unaware of the implications that the fashion industry has had on human life and our natural environment. In the past century, the term “sustainability” has sought to address this, calling our attention to how unsustainable practices can lead to devastating consequences. When it comes to the intersection of fashion and race, longstanding practices within the fashion industry have its roots in labor exploitation, natural resource extraction and harmful, race-driven ideologies. This month, our research and events will outline and examine why (and how) sustainability and race is inextricably linked.


25 Apr 2024
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11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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  • Date: 25 Apr 2024
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