While gender and fashion are distinct from one another, their abilities to signify, reflect, and shape each other are significant and often important sites of cultural meaning and definition. Similarly, the intersectionality of both racialization and gendering as sociocultural practices inform one another so that the knowledge associated with either subjectivity overlap, like a palimpsest, with layers of new and nuanced meaning being created all the time. This list of sources explores the intersection of Blackness, fashion, and masculinity. Through their research and analysis, the authors featured in this list contextualize Black masculinity as a discursive entity and investigate the ways it has been shaped and dominated by hegemonic institutions, but also the ways Black men and masc people have used the radical practice of self-fashioning to define themselves in spite of systems that have been built on their exclusion.

“Portrait of african dancehall music artist - Samini.”

Zac Wolf. “Portrait of african dancehall music artist – Samini.” 2019.