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Issue 07, News Roundup: July 23, 2021

In Issue 07 of In the News, we consider how the pandemic brought attention to often overlooked labor issues, explore the problematic gap between consumer intention and action, spotlight the first couture collection by a Black American fashion designer, and examine the politics of policies that dictate public appearance.

Issue 06: News Roundup, July 9, 2021

This week, we consider the ongoing effects of the pandemic on the livelihood of global garment workers, explore dissonance between corporate marketing and capitalist realities when it comes to advocating for racial equity, and spotlight the exciting and impactful work of some leading-edge Black fashion designers.

Issue 05: News Roundup, June 25, 2021

This week, we look at the complexities of personal identity and cultural heritage in relationship to design, the historical significance of fashion in relation to Juneteenth, progress on initiatives to increase diversity in the industry, and the struggles faced by AAPI garment workers in New York.

Issue 04: News Roundup, June 4, 2021

This week, we look at how brands have been making good (and more often not making good) on their commitments to address inappropriate behavior and a lack of diversity behind the scenes, consider the deeply problematic colorism that runs rampant in global markets, and revisit the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety.

Issue 03: News Roundup, May 21, 2021

Our latest recap includes discussions of the cultural significance of the keffiyeh, risks of expiring protections for garment workers, the pitfalls of performative brand marketing, and global design movements gaining traction.

Issue 02: News Roundup, May 7, 2021

This first week of AAPI Heritage Month, we focus our discussion on issues relating to Asian American culture and fashion. Over the last year, there has been a terrible spike in hate crimes against Asian Americans. Asian women have been especially affected – they are more than twice as likely as men to report experiencing a hate incident. FRD Contributor Anu Lingala explores how the fashion industry has responded to these tragic events.

Issue 01: News Roundup, April 23, 2021

Welcome to the first edition of In the News! This week, our recap includes discussions of cultural appropriation in design practice, equitable representation in retail, the contradictions of sustainable fashion, expressions of religious identity, and the urgent plight of garment workers.