The Fashion and Race Database™ is the first and most trusted platform that provides supportive education & events that advocate for diversity in fashion culture and examines the longstanding impact of race and underrepresentation in fashion. It is an essential access point in today’s world for researchers, practitioners, and industry professionals— as well as students who will become the next generation of fashion leaders.

Discounted pricing is available to universities and companies who wish to provide a subscription to their members. Use the form below so we can deliver pricing that is best suited to your organization. Currently, FRD can support group-wide subscriptions by either of two authentication methods:

(a) IP address-based authentication
This provides unlimited access to your entire community based on their internet traffic arriving from a specific set of IP addresses. Proxy solutions like EZProxy use this method. When you subscribe using IP-based authentication, there is no specific number of users, no licenses to manage. Our pricing is tiered from small to very large institutions, based on the Full Time Equivalents (FTE) of the size of your campus/community.

(b) A number of seats licenses, prepaid annually
With this method, each license becomes assignable to a specific person in your organization or department and grants them full access to FRD. A license is easily revoked from the user of any seat so that you can re-assign it elsewhere. Your relevant administrator has a central controlling account to manage these seats as sub-accounts. Our portal is lightweight & straightforward: to license a new colleague requires a single input: their email address; any licenses already assigned can be revoked in one click.

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