The Fashion and Race Database™ is an essential access point in today’s world for researchers, practitioners, industry professionals and students who will become the next generation of fashion leaders. Discounted pricing is available to universities and companies who wish to provide a subscription to their members. Please contact us to work out volume pricing and the invoice method(s) suited to your organization. Currently, The Fashion and Race Database can support subscriptions by either of two authentication methods:

(a) IP address-based authentication, providing unlimited access to your entire community based on their internet traffic arriving from a specific set of IP addresses. This includes library-wide proxy methods like EZProxy. In IP-based authentications, the number of users is not capped, so pricing is by the Full Time Equivalents (FTE) of the size of your campus/community.
(b) As an annual prepaid number of seats which can be assigned to specific users in your organization or academic department. Seats are managed as sub-accounts of an administrator’s controlling account; they can be assigned to any email address, and revoked easily, through the administrator’s portal.
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