Adire Cloth in Nigeria, 1971-2016

by Doig Simmonds & Pat Oyelola & Ṣẹgun Ọkẹ


This book is partly a reprint of a publication first produced by the Department of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 1971. Since that time interest in tie-dye, cloth has fluctuated between something done in places of education for fun and or learning and the more serious interests of the fashion-conscious clothing industry. Nancy Stanfield’s chapter still remains one of the most detailed descriptions of basic tie/dye techniques which produced wearing apparel in many parts of West Africa and beyond for hundreds of years. Indigo dye is one of the most fundamental of all dyes and its chemistry is [as] fascinating as its history, although the latter is not the subject of this book. For history refer to J.Balfour-Paul ‘Indigo’. We have enhanced the 1971 book with new pictures, many not previously published, many are in colour .he texts have also been brought up to date and extended.

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