An honest conversation about race and fashion: Pass the Mic to Henrietta Gallina & Robin Givhan

by Fashion No Filter


April 15, 2020

In today’s conversation, Henrietta speaks to trailblazing fashion critic Robin Givhan who is a journalist at The Washington Post. Her work won her the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in 2006 which is incidentally the first time the award was given to a fashion writer. The Pulitzer Committee cited Robin’s “witty, closely observed essays that transform fashion criticism into cultural criticism”. Henrietta and Robin begin with a birds eye view on the state of the industry today and move on to cover a range of topics. Robin explains why she claims in a recent piece that the fashion system was broken long before the pandemic hit and why it needs a reboot. They also discuss the racial fallout, performative marketing and smoke and mirror optics of advertising and inclusivity, cancel culture vs accountability and the importance of equity and equal representation. Robin who exemplifies the “only one” allegory in many ways, also looks back on her prestigious career and trajectory.

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