An honest conversation about race and fashion: Pass the Mic to Henrietta Gallina, Tamu McPherson & Danielle Prescod

by Fashion No Filter


August 15, 2020

In today’s conversation, Henrietta leads a free-flowing chat with digital creator Tamu McPherson, and BET Style Director Danielle Prescod, both of whom also have strong social media followings and influence. The three speak candidly about their experiences as black female creatives in fashion — Tamu having started out as a freelance photographer, and going on to found her blog All the Pretty Birds, and Danielle as an editor at magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and In Style. While both guests have been outspoken about racism in fashion since the murder of George Floyd, (and before,) this conversation takes many unexpected turns and brings forth new perspectives, interpretations and potential solutions to the industry’s systemic issues going forward. The interview is followed by reactions and takeaways from your hosts Monica, Camille accompanied by Henrietta.

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