Arab Dress & Adornment Collection

by The Zay Initiative


THE COLLECTION (Digital Archive)

A  growing collection of more than 1350  articles of Arab dress and adornment celebrating human narrative.

The Zay Initiative is focused on growing a traditional dress collection with examples from across the Arab world alongside relevant pieces from Iran, India, China, Ottoman Turkey and elsewhere that highlight the exchange of historical influence along the Silk Road.

The collection’s digital portal is an online directory open to everyone free of charge with access to the unique collection of dresses. Easy to navigate, you can search the archive by decade, by country, by garment and more. New pieces are being added daily.

For the first time terms and terminologies are defined through a glossary that can be reached simply by hovering over certain words be it in English or Arabic.

When possible, a brief is recorded referencing the original owner of each article of dress, thus documenting their names and stories giving those women and men a voice that transcends time.

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