Body shape and fit preference in body cathexis and clothing benefits sought for professional African-American women

by Melissa B. Manuel & Lenda J. Connell & Ann B. Presley


Little survey research exists that categorises the body shapes of African-American women or attempts to understand how these impact their clothing choices. This study profiled 153 professional African-American women regarding the influence of body shape and fit preference on their perceptions of body cathexis (degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with one’s body) (Secord, P. and Jourard, S., 1953. The appraisal of body cathexis: body cathexis and the self. Journal of Consulting Psychology, 17, 343–347) and clothing benefits sought (Hwang, J., 1996. Relationships between body-cathexis, clothing benefits sought, and clothing behaviors, and effects of importance of meeting the ideal body image and clothing attitude.

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