China Fashion: Conversations with Designers

by Christine Tsui


This book documents the rise (and rise) of fashion design in China. Told through the stories of three generations of designers: those born in the 1950s and early 1960s during the Cultural Revolution when fashion in China was isolated from the rest of the world; those born in the 1970s, who are now attempting to integrate China into the global fashion industry; and those born in the 1980s, who are becoming an emerging force in China. Chinese fashion in the past half-century is a fascinating case study. The country began the period in isolation and went through a phase of militant anti-fashion ideology. However, sixty years on, China is seeking to challenge the world in all fields of endeavour, including fashion design and manufacture. Written by an ‘insider’, this book provides a fascinating survey based on the personal, professional and creative experiences of the most influential Chinese fashion designers. As such, it will be welcomed by all students of contemporary fashion and design.

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China, Designers, Fashion history

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