Collected in the Field: Shoemaking Traditions from Around the World


January 2013 – April 2015

The Bata Shoe Museum Foundation was established in the effort to gather accurate and detailed information concerning traditional shoemaking. Over the years, researchers have traveled from Siberia to India documenting traditional shoemaking practices and collecting both images and artefacts for the Museum. Each of these field trips has brought a wealth of in-depth information and artefacts into the Museum thus preserving footwear-making traditions that are slowly disappearing. The voices of the makers, the images of their processes and the artefacts themselves continue to amaze us with how disparate traditional footwear is and how reflective it is of the diversity of world cultures. This exhibition allowed earn from the voices of the makers, see the images of their processes and amaze in the diversity of traditional footwear reflecting a variety of world cultures.

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