Connecting Threads: Fashioning Identity in a Global World

by Filip Stabrowski & Liena Vayzman


2019 – 2020

In the fall of 2019, cultural anthropology students from LaGuardia selected and studied objects of clothing and fashion to which they felt in some way connected. The artifacts they chose span the globe from Bangladesh and Tibet to Colombia and the U.S. The students’ papers, included in this exhibition, attempted to go behind the label and beyond the fabric, exploring in greater depth the social relationships required to produce, consume, dispose of, and reuse these objects. After the clothing items were safely stored and photographed at the LaGuardia & Wagner Archives, a new group of students in a spring semester art and society class guided the presentation of these objects to the public by writing the object descriptions and participating in the design of the exhibition.

The objects on display in Connecting Threads: Fashioning Identity in a Global World are thus also—and at the same time—manifestations of social connections of a different sort.

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