Conversations with… Elizabeth Way

by Keren Ben-Horin & Elizabeth Way


August 27, 2020

Fashion historian and curator Keren Ben-Horin in conversation with Elizabeth Way, Assistant Curator of Costume at the Museum at FITin New York. Way discusses her groundbreaking work at the intersection of African-American culture with fashion. Here she talks about her book chapter “Strands of the Diaspora: Black Hair in the Americas 1800-1920,” which appears in the book A Cultural History of Hair in the Age of Empire. She also talks about the exhibition she co-curated with Ariele Elia, Black Fashion Designers at MFIT. The exhibition highlighted the work of Black fashion designers which have been rarely documented or exhibited in museums. As the fashion industry reckons with it lack of diversity, cultural appropriation, and discrimination their exhibition seems more relevant then ever. Finally, Way talks about her exhibition Fabrics in Fashion which focused on textile through the lens of their social and cultural contexts.

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