Court and Craft: A Masterpiece from Northern Iraq

by Rachel Ward


Accompanying a major scholarly exhibition at The Courtauld Gallery, this book explores one of the most beautiful and enigmatic objects of the Courtauld Gallery’s collection: a brass container richly inlaid with gold and silver, imitating a lady’s textile or leather bag, and probably made in Mosul in northern Iraq around 1300.
Encompassing a variety of multidisciplinary essays by distinguished historians and art historians – on subjects ranging from music at the Mongol court, Mosul and Mongol governorship and Mongol marriage customs to the role of women under the Il-Khanids – this publication aims to explore the origins, function and iconography of this splendid luxury object as well as the cultural context in which it was made and used. It will bring together other images of enthroned Mongols with female consorts, as well as scenes of hunters, revellers and musicians in a variety of media, including illustrated manuscripts, ceramics, textiles and metalwork.

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Rachel Ward






Adornment, Fashion history, Middle East