Decentring Fashion

by Charlie Athill & Cher Potter & Divia Patel & Lipi Begum & Michael McMillan & Serkan Delice


March 2, 2021

“Decentering Fashion” was guest-curated by the Cultural and Historical Studies team at London College of Fashion. Professor Shahidha Bari chairs a discussion with researchers at UAL and with colleagues at the V&A, to reflect on work that attempts to de-centre Western, white and Eurocentric ideas of fashion. The aim of the session is to think about fashion as a more global network of production and consumption. Participants present their research and reflect on the challenges and opportunities for fashion studies going forward.

This roundtable was part of the series “Cultural Urgencies: Actions toward representation, equity, justice, well-being,” organised and hosted by the Decolonising Art Institute Research Fellows, draws together their varied but overlapping concerns with representation, equity, justice and well-being in the fields of visual culture, higher education and art institutions. Issues around historical and cultural narrative production, power relations, welfare, and inclusive communication will be variously explored and with an emphasis on impacting change.

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