Episode 102 | Melanin & Sustainable Style + Ethical Fashion as a Privileged White Girls Thing

by Conscious Chatter


February 20, 2018

In episode 102, Kestrel welcomes Dominique Drakeford, the founder of Melanin & Sustainable Style, to the show. A platform that is bringing melanin to the forefront of sustainable fashion, beauty and living, MelaninASS is helping to give the ethical industry an authentic and culturally relevant voice. Kestrel and Dominique also discuss the layers behind two notable articles written by Dominique: “Who The Hell Wants To See Only White Women In Sustainable Fashion” and “Why I Think Ethical Fashion Is A Privileged White Girl Thing”. Dominique highlights several of the disconnects in the sustainable fashion conversation – from representation to discrimination to tokenism to appropriation to privilege – and how historical relevance and institutional racism are being left out of the discourse.

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