Episode 202 | Shakaila Forbes-Bell on the relationship between Fashion Psychology + Black Lives Matter

by Conscious Chatter


July 21, 2020

On this week’s show, Shakaila shares more on what led her from wanting to be “the Black female Frasier” and a clinical psychologist, to carving out her own space in the psychology discipline at the intersections of fashion, representation, media, and marketing. Her undergraduate research, which she called “The Hoodie Project”, explored how the murder of Trayvon Martin was treated, and that led her to dive deeper into the way that clothing can be weaponized, why representation matters on all levels across industries, and the important of understanding the nuances of how power plays out in society. Additionally, Shakaila shares more on how she feels fashion should truly make people happy — and that brands need to be empathetic to their shoppers, to reflect on how their marketing really makes them feel, in order to be as inclusive as possible in their messaging.

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