Episode 4 – Fashion Inclusivity and the Next Generation of Fashion Scholars

by Chic by Dr. Kat Sark


February 2, 2020

The 4th episode was also recorded in Toronto, at the sixth annual Canadian Fashion Symposium, that Dr. Kat Sark organizes once a year, hosted by the School of Fashion at Ryerson University.

First, you will hear a panel recorded at the Symposium, organized by several grad students from the Ryerson Fashion MA program, entitled, “Fashioning Inclusivity: Frontiers of Fashion Diversity” (with Johnathan Clancy, Ryan Chantree, and Jason Cyrus).

A few weeks after their panel, we recorded an interview with these very inspiring young people about the state of Fashion Studies in Canada today, and what we can all learn from each other.

Dr. Sark asked them to briefly introduce themselves and their research areas, and why they think it’s important. She also asked them some tough questions about their experiences in Fashion Studies, and the challenges they face now, and in their future.

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