Episode 41 | Hoda Katebi + Fashion Activism

by Conscious Chatter


December 20, 2016

In episode 41, Kestrel speaks with Hoda Katebi, Muslim-Iranian writer & photographer behind the activist fashion blog Joojoo Azad. Hoda shares some powerful stories about what led her to become interested in exploring the intersections of fashion and social justice, as a means of challenging Orientalism and mainstream beauty standards. The two also discuss the impact of boycotting, and the privilege associated with buying sustainable fashion and having these conversations. Hoda is the author of Tehran Streetstyle, which showcases her photographs of some of the best-dressed Iranian men and women. As Hoda explains, “it’s more than just celebrating the aesthetic value of fashion. It’s about re-claiming my identity as a Muslim-Iranian woman and challenging political realities here and abroad.”

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