Exhibition Review: Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced, The Museum of the City of New York, March 22‒July 28, 2013

by Lauren Downing Peters


Held at the Museum of the City of New York in the summer of 2013, Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced presented an alternative view on sportswear—one that is not defined by the American tradition of sportswear as ready-to-wear, nor the market for activewear that this special issue of Fashion Practice addresses. Rather, co-curators Phyllis Magison and Daniela Morera present Stephen Burrows as a designer whose principal design inspiration was the fashionably lean and androgynous body of the early 1970s and whose inventive designs merged the functionality of breathable and stretchy knits with the high glamour of disco. With more than 50 garments on display, the exhibition spanned the most productive years of Burrows’ career from 1968 to 1983.

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