Fashion Theory, Volume 23, Issue 6. Fashion as Politics: Dressing Dissent

by Elke Gaugele & Monica Titton


The special issue of Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture, entitled “Fashion as Politics: Dressing Dissent” focuses on the present and aims at exploring the links between contemporary politics and fashion. It examines fashion’s role in advancing and disseminating political goals, resistance and dissent on a regional, national and global scale. The special issue presents contributions from scholars who put current political discourses, movements and political events in relation to fashion design, fashion practices or fashion theory. Their timely concerns are part of the discourse on fashion and global politics, on decolonization and style activism and on the dressing of dissent. The issue depicts the variety of ways in which fashion partakes in, shapes and intervenes in contemporary global political and societal developments such as migration, technological progress, decolonization, neoliberalism and globalization.

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