Fashion Victims

by Alessandro Brasile


Under the scheme, the girls must work between three and five years: exhausting shifts, up to twenty hours a day, in dangerous conditions, they are deprived of the freedom of movement and to communicate with the outside world, and they do not receive a monthly salary, but only a very small amount of money for their daily needs. At the end of the stated period of work, they should receive the cumulative payment of what they have earned over the years – between five hundred and eight hundred euros. They dream of being able to use that money as a dowry for their wedding. Instead, what often happens are work accidents, missed payments, escapes, suicides, sexual violence, and even murders. The girls themselves, by narrating their past and their future, draw a picture of the daily cruelty of a production system in which the first fashion victims are themselves, violated in the body and in their dreams, to produce what we wear every day.

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