India The Next Fashion Industry Of The World

by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


India The Next Fashion Industry Of The World – India Can Cloth The World In A Natural Way.

In this video Sadhguru talks about the importance of wearing natural fibres and why they are good for one’s own well being and good for the environment. These days most of the clothes that we are wearing consists of poly fibre. Poly Fibre can be way more toxic than plastic. Reviving the natural fibres and Indian Handlooms Industry will benefit everyone. Sadhguru talks about holding an event in New York City to expose New York City to Indian Fashion. 30 Varieties of fabric will be transported for display. India has over 120 distinct weaves. Indian Handlooms Industry was systematically destroyed during British era for a long time. Even today Indian weaving industry is dying slowly and something needs to be done. Indian clothing consists of natural fibres like Jute, Cotton etc and India is poised to cloth the rest of the world in natural way if things can be done correctly.

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