Native/American Fashion 7 | Mobility and Cultural Identity through Fashion Q&A

by Anna Blume & Daniel James Cole & Timothy J. Shannon & Sherry Farrell Racette & Amy Werbel


April 22, 2017

Native/American Fashion: Inspiration, Appropriation, and Cultural Identity explores fashion as a creative endeavour and an expression of cultural identity, the history of Native fashion, issues of problematic cultural appropriation in the field, and examples of creative collaborations and best practices between Native designers and fashion brands. In this segment, speakers from the first panel, Mobility and Cultural Identity Through Fashion, return to the stage to take questions from the audience. The panel is moderated by Amy Werbel of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FAC). Panelists include Anna Blume of FAC, Timothy Shannon of Gettysburg College, Sherry Farrell Racette of the University of Manitoba, and Daniel James Cole of FAC.

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