NVTV – Anecita Agustinez (Navajo/Diné) – “Navajo Rugs”

by Native Voice TV


Cihuapilli Rose Amador and Sundust Martinez interviews Anecita Agustinez (Navajo/Dine) of the ‘Bitter Water Clan’ on Native Voice TV.

Agustinez is from the western region of the Navajo reservation. She is on the show to speak about the Navajo rugs. She brought a variety of rugs and a rendition of a traditional Navajo loom.

Agustinez explains in detail how the ‘LOOM’ was brought down to the people as a gift from the ‘Spider Woman’ who was given that ‘Gift’ by the creation story ‘Her’ – ‘Father Sky’.

This show is so educational about the Navajo rug’s design, its color, age and from what regions they were made. This interview is very informative about Traditional Navajo Ceremony Rug Weavers.

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