“Out of Many, One People”: The Relativity of Dress, Race and Ethnicity to Jamaica, 1880–1907”

by Carol Tulloch


The article reviewed the rationale behind the empirical and theoretical framework used to study the dress practice of African-Jamaican, White-Jamaican and Indian-Jamaican women from various stratas of Jamaica between 1880 and 1907. Primarily the work wanted to ascertain the impact that race and ethnicity have on dress, and the methodological implications of this encounter. Carol Tulloch argues that there is a need to return to the mechanics of dress history and meditate on its strengths and weaknesses, particularly in the study of colonial dress. Additionally, the writer wanted to graft the current theoretical debates that have problematized the question of race and ethnicity on to dress history. ‘Out of Many, One People’ traces the employment of a systematically planned method to unravel the multiplicity of meanings associated with dress requires a combination of facts and theory in order to forge new perspectives and insights in order to make a contribution to the shift of the study of dress from a Eurocentric focus.

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