Politics & Clothing: The Hijab

by Asra Nomani & Hoda Katebi & Duaa Eldeib


April 30, 2016

When Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana announced its first hijab collection, it wasn’t just the fashion world that took notice. In many ways, hijab is becoming part of mainstream Western culture, worn by characters on television series, Olympic athletes, even a new Barbie doll. Still the wearing of hijab continues to spark other responses, from attacks on women in Paris, to calls from some Muslim women to end what they view as an oppressive form of dress. CHF convenes a conversation to discuss the complex and sometimes contradictory responses to hijab, including Asra Nomani, journalist and author of “Standing Alone in Mecca” and Hoda Katebi, activist and author of “Tehran Street Style,” moderated by Duaa Eldeib of the Chicago Tribune.

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