Pueblo Textiles and Embroideries

by Louie Garcia & Aric Chopito & Isabel Gonzales & Brian Vallo


October 30, 2018

Brian Vallo, director of SAR’s Indian Arts Research Center, and a panel of Native American artists explore the history and evolution of textile arts in Pueblo communities. The panel includes: Louie Garcia from the Prio Manso Tiwa tribe of Guadalupe Pueblo in Las Cruces, known for revitalizing historic pueblo weaving techniques; Aric Chopito from Zuni Pueblo, who is a traditional weaver and was the 2010 Rollin and Mary Ella King Native artist fellow at SAR; and, Isabel Gonzales of Jemez Pueblo credited for reintroducing historic pueblo embroidery on both traditional and non-traditional textiles. The panelists will discuss how the collection, the SAR fellowship, and access to the IARC collections have advanced their careers as artists and as keepers of traditional knowledge associated with the textile tradition.

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