Rappers and Threads: An Analysis of Endorsement Behavior by Rap Artists

by Kristie Harris


Music is the most effective tool in consumer choice because of its ties to memory and emotion. A review of inferences based on instructed and uninstructed accessibility of relevant information in making a consumer choice found that choices were more variable when the inferences were uninstructed (Dick 1990). Thus, consumer choice is based on what consumers remember the most vividly and hip-hop artists can have an enormous influence by wearing a product in a music video or mentioning it in a song. Emotional attributes were also explored in Luce et al (2001). The authors show that if consumers are more emotionally attached to one product they will tend to choose the product more often than another. Once again by relating easily the same feelings and emotions as their listeners, an emotional connection is forged and hip-hop artists have their consumers’ full attention.

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