The New Frontier of Fashion Criticism Lives on Black Twitter

by Bianca Betancourt


Social media hasn’t only changed the way we consume fashion content; it’s also completely altered how we critique it. Whereas the opinions of established critics once reigned supreme, now, online commentators — and their contentious takes — are increasingly shifting the fashion criticism landscape. Certainly, esteemed experts — such as Tim Blanks, Vanessa Friedman, and Robin Givhan (though she’s since moved on to covering the intersection of politics, race, and the arts) — are still rightfully respected for their sharp analytical talents. But some fashion lovers have noticed that from season to season, the typical commentary in the form of runway reviews or show roundups just doesn’t hit quite as hard as it used to overall. To find more of the unfiltered and uncensored fashion commentary they’re craving, they’re turning to Black Twitter.

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