Theorizing LGBTQIA+ Style, Fashion, and Dress | Conversations on Dress | Costume Society of America

by Ben Barry & Donesha Blake & Andy Campbell & Michael Eugene Mamp & Kelly L. Reddy-Best


June 28, 2021

The LGBTQIA+ community historically and today has engaged with unique styles and fashions drawing upon multiple and mixed aesthetics. These styles and visual signifiers change and shift in different contexts, interactions, and embodied practices. Our panel unpacks ambivalence and ambiguity in style, fashion, and dress in relation to the LGBTQIA+ community. They discuss their highly critical and thought-provoking scholarship centering on the LGBTQIA+ community in addition to how their work intersects with disabilities, Black feminist thought, BDSM, fat bodies, feminist queer crip, and other critical ideologies.

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