Troy Michie (QuarARTine special episode)

by Talk Art


June 8, 2020

Welcome to Season 6 of Talk Art! Recorded on 10th April 2020, we chat to Troy Michie, the acclaimed American collage artist, painter, interdisciplinary installation artist, and sculptor based in New York City. Michie’s work is often in dialogue with the canon of collage; as well as investigating society’s understanding of race, gender, sexuality, and other fields of identity and power. This episode is released on the anniversary of the Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles from June 3-8th 1943, which has been frequently referenced in Michie’s work. We discuss the history of collage, vintage erotic and pornographic magazines, his hometown of El Paso, a border city between USA and Mexico, growing up bilingual, lies about immigration, racial stereotypes, media misconceptions and the ‘fear of the other’. We explore woven paper collage, a new development in Troy’s practice, as well as assemblage works on wooden panels, and sewing through paper.

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