Un Hirdé pour Dakar

by Ibrahima Sarr


Oumou Sy is a Senegalese fashion designer known for her work in fashion and cinema. For the first time, in 2003, she organized a carnival, a hirdé (Peul word meaning “afternoon of happiness”). To do this, she called on the collaboration of actors, musicians, dancers, acrobats and the entire population of Dakar to join in a major event that would fill the streets of the capital.

For an entire year, she created 1,200 costumes and accessories based both on African and European traditions. Taking sole responsibility for this project, she met the challenge of creating a must-see international event in Dakar. This film is a great occasion to draw this great African woman’s portrait, self-educated person, who arouses respect and admiration.

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Ibrahima Sarr

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African diaspora, Costume, Designers, Senegal, West Africa

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