Black Fashion Fair is excited to announce our partnership with the Brooklyn Sewing Academy. Beginning June 2021, students will have an opportunity to learn traditional design techniques with a contemporary approach.

Through Black Fashion Fair’s collaboration with the Brooklyn Sewing Academy, we aim to address systemic issues in our industries through education and training, giving future design students the tools to compete in the admission processes and beyond.

Black Fashion Fair : Brooklyn Sewing Academy “Fashion Fundamentals: Lessons in design” lessons begin on June 5, 2021. All lessons and materials are offered at no cost to students. We will be offering the lessons in three phases: In Phase I students will learn how to take their measurements to then alter and manipulate patterns to create their own custom designs. Students will work with a variety of vintage and modern patterns. Classes will be held on Saturdays. 

Additional offered lessons are as follows:

SEWING : Students will learn how to sew and develop a basic vocabulary for sewing construction.

PATTERN MAKING : Students will learn how to take the proper torso measurements needed to draft a pattern. Students will learn how to make changes to your basic pattern block to follow any of their design ideas.

FASHION ILLUSTRATION : Students will learn the art of communicating fashion ideas in a visual form. Students will learn how to sketch essential poses quickly, details, and fabric rendering.

Along with lessons in pattern making, sewing, and fashion illustration, we will host community events and workshops throughout the year centered on the Black experience.


The Brooklyn Sewing Academy, founded by Amy Verrier and Timothy Westbrook, is an educational and creative center for sewing, fashion, and costume.


Founded with the mission to discover, support and further Black designers and the communities they inspire, Black Fashion Fair continues to create meaningful experiences through fashion, art, and photography.

Black Fashion Fair : Brooklyn Sewing Academy lessons begin on June 5, 2021. 

Space is limited. Classes are for those interested in design. Must be based in New York City. Applications will be open for two weeks beginning April 28th, 2021, closing on May 8th. Lessons are accessible to individuals aged 15-19. Applicants will be notified via email with further details — all that’s required is to fill in the Black Fashion Fair : BSA sign up form below. Links to website/previous works are NOT required.

Visit the link below to fill out the application form.

Black Fashion Fair x Brooklyn Sewing Academy

Due date:  05/08/2021

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