Faith Fashion Fusion: Muslim Women’s Style in Australia

by Glynis Jones & Kate Ford


Travelling Exhibition.

Australian Muslim women dress in diverse styles and are increasingly choosing to engage with global fashion trends while also expressing their faith. This lively and colourful exhibition showcases the work of an exciting new generation of Australian clothing brands designing stylish clothing for Muslim women, meeting their desire to dress fashionably and creatively within the requirements of their faith.
Through garments, a streetstyle fashion montage and interviews, the exhibition looks at the way Australian Muslim designers are rethinking the model for designing, retailing and marketing modest fashion to a local and global market.

Faith, fashion and Muslim identity are further explored through a series of ‘Women in profile’ showcases featuring the stories of nine influential Australian Muslim women. Through photographs, treasured objects and interviews this diverse group of Australian Muslim women share their opinions, challenges and achievements.

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