Nadine Ijewere. Beautiful Disruption

by Nadine Ijewere


Nadine Ijewere’s work series counter the staged perfection of models and the pervasive beauty norms they represent. In contrast, the photographer offers brightly colored counterexamples to identify with, all telling universal stories of human charm and beauty. In order to ensure her photographs reflect her vision, Ijewere casts her models personally, scouting them from her circles of friends and acquaintances, on the streets, and on Instagram. They are people whose aesthetic appeal might remain hidden to the fashion industry, but whose elegance and aura Ijewere succeeds in capturing. Already, her work is regarded as a necessary corrective in fashion photography. She has pushed forward the discourse by showing how fashion and its visual world needs to expand to embrace a multiplicity of visual voices and experiences in order to represent a diverse global public and, in doing so, to transcend fixed ideas of how beauty should look.

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