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photo of Prof. Jenkins

Kimberly M. Jenkins


Founder and Principal Researcher

Kim is Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies in the School of Fashion at Ryerson University, lecturing previously at Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute. Kim designed an elective course and exhibition entitled, Fashion and Race, sharing her insight at SXSW and Google HQ. Her expertise on fashion, race and cultural awareness has led to academic advising work for Gucci, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the Centraal Museum and The Met Museum Costume Institute. Kim holds an MA in Fashion Studies from Parsons School of Design. Learn more about her story and her work at her website.

photo of Rachel Kinnard

Rachel Kinnard

Project Manager

Rachel is a Lecturer in the Fine Arts Department at California State University Los Angeles, where she teaches fashion history and research methods. Rachel teaches fashion studies at the Center for Creative and Culture Industries at Chapman University and in the Humanities and Sciences Department at Art Center. Her expertise takes her into collaboration with filmmakers, photographers, technologists, and activists. Rachel holds an MA in Fashion Studies and BFA in Fashion Design from Parsons School of Design. Born and raised in Atlanta, she lived in New York City for twelve years where she gained crucial experience in the fashion industry in a range of roles. Learn more about her work at her website.

headshot of Kai Marcel

Kai Marcel


Research Assistant

Kai (they/them) is an aspiring cultural and fashion historian. Their work centers the body politics of beauty, clothing, identity, glamour and style and their interactions with the meaning-making functions of the fashion system. Their work also attempts to decolonize exclusionary historical discourses by centering the histories of queer and Black peoples who have been systematically obscured from collective memory. Kai is a recent graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where they received a BA in Art History and the Cultural History of Dress and Fashion. 

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RJ Ramey

Web Developer

RJ is founder of Auut Studio, which is dedicated to taking an intersectional approach and centering the work of people of color. RJ’s vision is to find new creative methods for interacting with the significant historical figures of the past. To this work he brings his direct experience in cartography and data visualization (see MonroeWorkToday.org), as well as experience learned in Silicon Valley for championing the final audience/ reader over the expert in the room.

headshot of Shanice Wolters

Shanice Wolters



Shanice is a PhD student in the Communication and Culture program at Ryerson University. Shanice completed her MA and BA in Art History and Visual Studies at the University of Victoria, where her research focused on contemporary Black art, African quilting traditions, and “primitivism.” Shanice’s PhD research aims to explore and unpack the politics of respectability as it relates to Black female sexuality within popular culture, media studies, gender studies, art history, and fashion studies.

headshot of Daniela Hernandez

Daniela Hernandez


Media Editor

Daniela Hernandez is a nontraditional fashion scholar and consumer fascinated by the power of fashion, fast & slow, historical & contemporary. As a graduate of Hampshire College with a B.A. in Global Fashion Studies, Daniela is committed to dismantling oppressive power structures in the global fashion industry and beyond. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Daniela is a first generation Mexican-American immersed in a broader view of the Los Angeles arts sector through her background in arts administration, nonprofit bookkeeping, costuming, and museum production.

Research Alumni

photo of Adriana Hill

Adriana Hill

Research Assistant

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Safia Sheikh

Research Assistant

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