Kimberly Jenkins, Founder of The Fashion and Race Database, has launched a new endeavor that aims to educate leaders in the fashion industry and provide creative research support. Artis Solomon is an education consultancy that provides academic and creative solutions towards a more intelligent fashion system.

Over the years, there has been growing demand in the industry for change, and it has been undeniable that individuals with a background in history and cultural awareness can be instrumental in this push for positive change. We have seen countless instances of fashion brands being “called out” for preventable mistakes that illuminate their “blind spots” (or general ambivalence), and this creates further harm to communities that have been marginalized and exploited.

As an experienced educator, Kim created Artis Solomon as a way to bring the crucial lessons and resources that live inside the classroom to the wide arena of fashion, “connecting the dots” of common interests and concerns that exist between students, industry leaders and society in general. In a rapidly diversifying world where culture, politics and creative expression meet, Artis Solomon is prepared to guide us along the way, through critical knowledge and insight.