The FCAD Centre for Fashion & Systemic Change (CFSC) supports research and knowledge exchange that cultivates inclusion, decolonization, and sustainability in the field of Fashion Studies and the fashion system more broadly.

Our work centres fat, disabled, trans, gender non-conforming, Indigenous, Black, racialized and/or other bodies that have been marginalized in and by fashion. Our projects use participatory and decolonizing methodologies to centre the experiences and ideal futures of these wearers and makers and to redesign the field of fashion for and with them.

Through research and events, our goal is to open up conversations about systemic injustices in fashion and foster collaborations between academics, designers, entrepreneurs and justice-seeking communities to shift misrepresentations and redistribute power.

Photo: Cripping Masculinities explores how disabled self-identified men and masculine-identified people experience and enact masculinities through fashion. Our work aims to crip (desire the way that disability disrupts) dominant narratives about disability and masculinity by amplifying the experiences of people at the margins of both categories. Visit Cripping Masculinities for more information on this research project.