Documenting the Nameplate is a project celebrating nameplate jewelery culture. We host open-call events where attendees can have their nameplates photographed and share their stories for our forthcoming book. All participants receive a copy of their portrait. In addition, we have an email address and online portal through which anyone, worldwide, can submit images and/or anecdotes. We have hosted events in New York City at Knockdown Center, Cafe Erzulie, Playground Coffee Shop, and Magic Gallery. Participating photographers include Azikiwe Mohammed, Naima Green, Destiny Mata, Gogy Esparza, Nichelle Dailey, Arlene Mejorado, participants from Las Fotos Project, and Troy Montes. Our project aims to foreground plurality and nonlinear history-making, and we are hoping to access as wide-ranging of a submission base as possible.