Shelcy and Christy Joseph are two Haitian sisters, fashion and lifestyle content creators, community builders, and digital consultants. They tell stories and bring brands’ messaging to life with thoughtful content creation, writing, and influencer strategy that reflect where they come and where they’re going. NYCxClothes is a visual storytelling platform, exploring New York and fashion through a cultural lens. Growing up in Haiti, Shelcy and Christy were fascinated by the way people express themselves sartorially. They would carry sketchbooks to recreate their favorite looks from the streets of Port-au-Prince and model their mom’s clothes at fashion shows they’d host at home for their family. It wasn’t until they came to New York that their journey took on a new meaning. They moved to the Big Apple in 2010 after the tragic earthquake and studied neuroscience and international business in college. When they started video blogging in 2014, they didn’t find many Haitian immigrants telling their stories and proudly owning their heritage. They didn’t see many Black women excelling in creative careers, so they set out to change the narrative.

Shelcy and Christy also operate their own consulting business NYCXStudio, which they describe as “a boutique agency & content creation space championing a new wave of influencing.” Their services include copywriting, brand strategy, content creation, influencer marketing, social media strategy, and diversity & inclusion consulting.