Dr. Tamara J. Walker is a historian, writer, and non-profit founder with wide-ranging interests. As an academic, her scholarship focuses on three interrelated thematic areas: the history of slavery and freedom in Latin America; the process of racial formation in the region; and the ways in which gender shaped the experience of enslavement and racialization. Her scholarship is also inspired by the methodological concern of recovering the subjectivities of enslaved and free people of African descent who rarely had direct access to writing and whose voices were heavily mediated when they did appear on record. Dr. Walker has written commentary on topics such as fashion, pop culture, and travel, with the latter subject being particularly close to her heart. Because of how formative travel has been for her, and because she knows how cost-prohibitive it can be, she was moved to co-found The Wandering Scholar, a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to make international education opportunities accessible to students from low-income backgrounds. As the first person in her family to graduate college and pursue an advanced degree, she understands that all it takes is the right opportunity at the right moment in time to change a person’s entire trajectory in life, and The Wandering scholar works to create just that.

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