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Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

Winner of the Dartmouth Medal, Berg Fashion Library is the leading resource for students and researchers of Fashion Studies. More than 13,000 color images, over 100 academic eBooks, an invaluable museum directory, a unique exhibition archive, reference works, and...

Bloomsbury Fashion Central

Black Designers of Canada

Black Designers of Canada exists to highlight and amplify Black designers across Canada. The first-ever comprehensive Canadian index celebrating Black excellence in design.


Palestine Costume Archive

At a time when many important collections of Palestinian cultural heritage were being destroyed, the Palestine Costume Archive was established in Canberra, Australia, to provide a secure environment for research, study + display of Palestinian costume.



THIS IS A SPACE is a database of contemporary mission-driven & responsible brands. Our mission is to offer a different aesthetic to the sustainable fashion space while being as inclusive and diverse as we can. No one is perfect and we don’t have it all figured...