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Medieval People of Color

The focus of this blog is to showcase works of art from European history that feature People of Color. All too often, these works go unseen in museums, Art History classes, online galleries, and other venues because of retroactive whitewashing of Medieval Europe,...

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Public Service

Public Service is a platform dedicated to advancing equity in imagemaking. We are building a community made by and for People of Color: a space to share, grow, and collaborate. We've also created an open-access Talent Directory that amplifies and elevates creatives...

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From extreme waste and environmental destruction to illegal wages and unsafe working conditions, the fashion industry’s focus on trendy, disposable clothing has staggering impacts on people and our planet. Remake is a community of millennial and Gen Z women who...

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Revisionary Space

the concept of ‘luxury’ is inherently rooted in imperialism: the original luxury goods were spices, furs, and jewels that european colonizers stole from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. modern luxury retail is a direct descendant of colonialism and continues to...

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Robin Givhan

Robin Givhan is the fashion critic for the Washington Post. The Battle of Versailles: The Night American Fashion Stumbled Into The Spotlight And Made History is her first solo book. In addition to the Post, her journalism has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar,...