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Shine 4 Diversity

Shine 4 Diversity is dedicated to promoting racial inclusion in the media and in a variety of different cultural and professional spaces. We aim to create a world which has equal opportunities for all ethnicities, a world where individuals from all backgrounds are...

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Writers & Content Creators

The Fashion Law

Founded in 2011, The Fashion Law (TFL) is dedicated to providing unparalleled insight into the legal and business aspects of the rapidly evolving fashion industry. Well known for helping to shape the dialogue in fashion and beyond, we do not only break news...

Writers & Content Creators

The Work

The Work was created with the purpose of educating those who are interested in embarking on the path toward equality and equity. Using education as the platform, we will be able to understand the current state of Black and other POC communities within the United...

Photo of The Work founder Derek Lipscomb talking in front of a small classroom of people