Textiles are an essential part of fashion, even though they are often studied separately from dress styles themselves. This reading list offers a selection of studies of textiles and textile arts from around the world and in different time periods. The subjects of these resources range from Early Islamic textiles from the 7th–14th centuries to the quilts of contemporary African American fiber artist Bisa Butler, passing through Andean Textiles, ‘overshot’ coverlets in Georgia and South Carolina, and the textile arts of Pueblo communities.

Tunic with Confronting Catfish. Camelid hair, tapestry-weave, 54.6 × 109.9 cm.

Tunic with Confronting Catfish from Nasca/Wari culture (present-day Peru), A.D. 800–850. Camelid hair, tapestry-weave, 54.6 × 109.9 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of George D. Pratt, 1929.