This week’s reading list focuses on the significance of wearing colors in fashion. Just as certain patterns in clothing can be traditional, colors can have social and cultural implications too. What may just seem like a simple aesthetic choice by wearing colors could actually be a deliberate choice to represent oneself. The color black, for example, encapsulates New Zealand’s patriotism, as the color is very pervasive in the nation. On the other hand, in most regions in Latin America, the color black is culturally associated with grief and mourning, and is rarely worn casually because of this. These five sources provide insight into different perspectives on how one’s cultural values can shape what they wear, and how sometimes, specific colors or groupings of certain colors may have hidden meanings.

woman in a pink dress sitting on her knees with her hands clasped in front resting on her thighs
Eduardo Taboada. Woman in a Mexican pink dress celebrating Día de los Muertos, 2017.