Yes, it’s possible!

The Yearly Subscription to the database can be gifted through a convenient, personalized process.

In this case, the checkout will create a ‘managing account’ for you—the gifter—but it will send a welcome email to your recipient. Your recipient receives a special signup link to claim the Database Subscription with year-long access under their own login.

✽ Presently, a gift transaction is a one-time purchase: Your $200.00 payment will not auto-renew one year from now. (After a year goes by, you can either choose to give another gift, or your recipient can decide to subscribe themselves.)

It can be a little confusing to register as you, even though you are not the final recipient. So we created this quick guide:

(closeup image of a checkbox on a webform, marking 'This is a gift.')First, on the checkout page for a Yearly Subscription, mark the checkbox for Is this a gift?

(If you don’t have an account already): Here, fill out your First & Last name, Email, Password — this is for you as the managing account holder.

Process your payment securely, through Stripe.

After the payment completes successfully, you will be immediately logged-in to your managing account and presented with the way to Send your Gift Email.

You can enter the recipient’s name, email address, and include your own note for the announcement email:

(screenshot of an interface where the main content has been darkened out, and a white dialog window presents itself with a form to fill out, to 'Send a Gift Email')

That’s all the required steps for you to do, as the gifter!

But with your managing account, you are always able to check back in the My Account page, then click on Gifts tab. The Status column will tell you if your recipient has used the special claim code yet. (You can also re-send a Gift Email from there, too.)

The Download column will print a receipt for your purchase as well.

(screenshot of an interface titled 'My Account', and showing that the 'Gifts' tab is open.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems with this process. Thank you!